• Dual Language

  • Welcome to our Spanish Dual Language Program that is hosted at Herrera School for the Arts & Dual Language.  Our students participate in an innovative, tuition-free program learning school subjects in both Spanish and English and converse in both languages with their classmates. Students learn subject matter content in both languages and engage in a program rich in biliteracy, language acquisition, and content-specific vocabulary development.

    Our students benefit greatly as they become bilingual in the early years of learning when learning additional languages is easiest.  For the future, becoming bilingual or learning multiple languages is valuable for our students because it enables them to become more successful in the global world we live in and eventually may lead to more job opportunities as students launch their careers in a competitive and global world.

    We find that children who learn a second language are:

    • confident and excited about learning;
    • gain a better understanding and appreciation for diverse cultures;
    • are strategic thinkers and problem solvers;
    • and often move on to learn additional languages