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Communicating with Phoenix #1

It’s important that we stay in touch with you, both in the event of an emergency and for updates about your school. There are many ways you can communicate with the teachers, staff and administrators at our district.

District Office Matters

Your feedback is important to the district and we have created a number of communication channels to communicate with our schools and the district. For administrative matters, concerns or general feedback, please contact your school principal. If additional assistance is needed, please call the Help Line at (602) 523-5900, the Superintendent’s Office at (602) 257-2912, or one of the numbers listed in “Helpful Numbers” below.

Getting in Touch with Your School

To get in touch with a teacher or staff member at your school, you can find front office phone numbers for all 15 of our schools.

Notification System

The district uses a notification system to keep parents informed of important information, emergency situations, and school events using telephone calls, email, and text messages. To ensure you are receiving important school messages, please update your contact information with the school office including your mailing address, home and cellphone numbers, and email address.

The Latest News & Updates at Your School

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Helpful Numbers

District Office Main Number (602) 257-3755

Academic Assessment (State Testing) (602) 257-3787

Business Services (602) 523-8976

Child Nutrition (602) 257-3741

Curriculum & Instruction (602) 257-3781

Federal Programs (602) 257-3687

Gifted Education (602) 257-3781

Head Start – Booker T. Washington (602) 252-4743

Head Start – Phoenix Urban League (602) 254-5611

Human Resources (602) 257-3755

McKinney-Vento Homeless Liaison (602) 523-8988

PEER and Athletics (602) 257-4055

Plant Services (602) 257-3794

Preschool Administrator (602) 523-8756

Special Education Services (602) 257-3805

Student Services (602) 257-3805

Superintendent (602) 257-2912

Transportation (602) 257-3794