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Bus Safety

Bus Information 

If your child relies on the bus to get to school, remember that the bus ride is just another part of the regular school day. Therefore, all the same rules apply. We always expect students to demonstrate good behavior when riding the bus.

Rules for Bus Safety 

By discussing these rules for bus safety with your child, you can help your child understand what kind of behavior is expected during the ride to and from school, as well as during special events and field trips.

  • Respect your bus driver.
    • I will listen to the driver’s instructions when riding the bus. I will arrive on time to the bus before and after school.
  • Don’t put yourself in danger.
    • I will stay seated and keep my head, hands, feet and belongings inside the bus.
  • Keep the bus clean.
    • I will keep food, drink and belongings in my backpack. I will not purposely mark or damage the bus.
  • Behave responsibly and politely.
    • I will use my inside voice. I will use appropriate language, and be kind to others.

If you have any questions or concerns about safety issues regarding school transportation, reach out to Armando Cuellar at or call (602) 257-3800.