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Technology and Internet Usage

We believe that by providing student access to technology, our schools can expand the scope of available learning materials and resources. Internet connectivity in the classroom allows teachers and staff to seek out enriching, quality curricular resources such as: 

  • Cultural information from museums, government organizations and national libraries 
  • Online interviews and guest lectures from authors, researchers, and scientists 
  • Educational games, puzzles and activities 

The potential for learning online goes far beyond these examples. Internet and network access is now a principal part of 21st century education. 

We work hard to monitor student access to controversial materials via the internet. Through the use of filtering, we restrict access to certain sites and items determined to be inappropriate for our students. 

However, it’s important to note that internet access requires students to act responsibly and thoughtfully. In a shared network, there is always a possibility that students may encounter materials that do not provide educational value. Therefore, it’s important that students recognize the expectations for their conduct when utilizing computers or other electronic devices at Phoenix #1. 

Guidelines for Internet and Network Use at Phoenix #1 

Please take the time to review these expectations with your child to help he or she use school internet-connected devices responsibly. 

  • Be polite, respectful and use appropriate language. 
    • I will not send, or encourage others to send, abusive messages. 
  • Protect your privacy, as well as others’ privacy. 
    • I will not reveal any home addresses, or personal phone numbers or personally identifiable information. 
  • Be considerate of how your network use affects others. 
    • I will not use the network in any way that would disrupt others. 
  • Carefully follow the instructions of your teacher. 
    • I will not ignore the directions my teacher gives me on what sites to visit and what activities to participate in online.

Use of Personal Electronic Devices 

Instructional time is incredibly valuable in our schools. Therefore, we try hard to prevent unnecessary interruptions and distractions. 

Personal electronic devices should only be used if a teacher provides clear instructions to use these devices. If not permitted by the teacher, we ask that students turn off and put away these devices in their backpacks. If students do not follow the instructions for putting away their personal electronic device when asked, the device may be confiscated and turned into the front office. Typically, your child may pick up the confiscated item at the end of the school day.

Because students choose to bring these devices to school, we do not claim responsibility for any damaged, stolen or lost devices.