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Student Safety

Keeping our students safe in any given emergency or crisis is one of our top priorities. To prepare for the event of an emergency, we plan and practice for many different potential scenarios with evacuation and lockdown procedures. Each year, we update our emergency plans and ensure every staff member is trained on proper protocol. 

Emergency Drills 

Each month, we host emergency drills to teach students the safest, quickest route to exit school buildings. These drills educate students and staff on the proper evacuation procedure in the event of an emergency in the school. 

Lock-down drills are also frequently performed at each school. During a lock-down, students remain in their classroom under the supervision of their teacher. This procedure prepares students and staff for event of an emergency in the surrounding area. 

During a drill or an actual emergency, teachers and school staff will give instructions to students. Review these rules for student safety to help ensure that your child remains as safe as possible in the event of an emergency. 

  • Follow your teacher’s instructions. 

    • I will listen to my teacher’s directions by being quiet and respectful. 
  • In an evacuation, exit the classroom in an orderly manner. Do not run.

    • I will line up with my classmates and always walk during an emergency. 

  • Stay with your teacher or a staff member the entire time.

    • I will stay with my teacher and keep away from the building until I’m told it’s okay to go back in. 

  • Do not talk during a fire, emergency or lockdown drill.

    • I will be quiet and will not talk to my neighbor during a drill. 

If you have questions or concerns about your school’s safety plan, please contact your school principal.