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      Creative Curriculum

      • Creative Curriculum

        Creative Curriculum is a research-based, developmentally appropriate early childhood curriculum that supports active and hands-on learning and promotes progress in all developmental areas using a studies based approach (Trees, Clothing, Balls, Buildings, Signs, Exercise, Pets, etc). Creative Curriculum is designed to be adapted to meet the needs of all our young learners at their current academic, communication and social-emotional level. Creative curriculum promotes discovery and inquiry with opportunities for children to think critically and develop process skills with rich, hands-on investigations of relevant and interesting topics in the classroom. Creative Curriculum reinforces the concepts, vocabulary and standards-based lessons taught in class with family-friendly activities designed for the home.

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      GOLD Assesment

      • GOLD Assessment

         Teaching Strategies GOLD Formative Assessment System is an authentic, ongoing observational system for assessing children from birth through kindergarten. Teachers use a variety of sources of data (pictures, anecdotal records, video, audio) to observe children in the context of everyday experiences where they effectively evaluate each student's progress identifying their strengths and areas for improvement. The comprehensive assessment includes all developmental areas (social–emotional, physical, language, cognitive, literacy, and math) ensuring an accurate and developmentally appropriate evaluation of students at all ages and levels. Assessment data is collected and analyzed at three different checkpoints throughout the year. Parents will receive a report regarding their child’s progress at each of the three checkpoints (October, February, May). 

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      Learning Without Tears

      • Learning Without Tears

        Learning Without Tears eases young learners into their communication journeys with an intentionally designed curriculum. Students build pre-writing and emergent writing skills developmentally through engaging, hands-on, play-based activities. Lessons address general readiness, pre-writing, alphabet knowledge, letter and number recognition, capital and lowercase letter formation, counting, drawing shapes and colors.

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      Ready Rosie

      • Ready Rosie

        Ready Rosie is a research-based and standards-aligned comprehensive family engagement resource that builds on parents’ knowledge. Ready Rosie harnesses the power of video modeling and mobile technology combined with collaborative workshops and professional learning to empower families and schools to learn together. Through collaboration, Ready Rosie equips and inspires schools and families by engaging in meaningful educational experiences that authentically reinforce students' learning and improve outcomes and development of the whole child. Ready Rosie provides Family Engagement workshops with topics including positive discipline strategies, healthy routines, language development, developmental milestones and fostering play and social emotional development to provide families with strategies, tools and resources that support their child’s growth while fostering a nurturing, trusting and caring relationship. 

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      Second Step

      • Second Step 

        Second Step is a developmentally appropriate holistic approach to building supportive communities for every child through social emotional learning. Social-emotional learning (SEL) concepts provide an extra dimension to education, focusing on improving cooperation, communication, and decision-making. In a world where emotional intelligence is critical for lifelong happiness, successful careers, and healthier relationships, SEL gives students a framework for developing these skills. Children need social-emotional skills to thrive both in the classroom and in life. Social-emotional learning (SEL) curricula teach children techniques to gain confidence, set goals, make better decisions, collaborate with others in work and play and navigate the world more effectively.

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