• Who We Are

  • Having opened in 1925, Lowell School is at the heart of our community serving generations of learners, and we are Maricopa County’s only 4-H school strengthening the Heads, Hearts, Hands, and Health of all students.


    Our vision is to promote each individual with the skills necessary to succeed at the next level.


    Our mission is to teach for learning in the pursuit of excellence.

    Lowell supports Phoenix Elementary School District’s Beliefs

    • All children can and will learn. NO EXCEPTIONS!
    • Parents want and deserve the best education for their children.
    • Education is the key to opportunity and success.
    • Education has the opportunity to cultivate all aspects of a child’s learning.
    • Diversity enriches us all.
    • The education of our children is a shared responsibility among our community.
    • We are all learners.
    • Factors such as race or socio-economic status do not predict student achievement.
    • We live on this earth, not to see through one another, but rather to see one another through.