• Positive Behavior Program

  • Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

    PBIS is a systematic approach to ensuring that all students receive the behavioral and social emotional support to succeed in school. PBIS is a school-wide system to improve climate and culture by creating continuity among students and encouraging a proactive approach to discipline. Students are taught our expectations of being respectful, responsible and ready and understand what that looks like in different areas around the school such as the hallways, classrooms, playground and cafeteria.

    Staff recognize students for following expectations by distributing cougar bucks that students can use at our school store. We also have monthly raffle incentives, dress down days, and terrific kid/student of the week assemblies as well as quarterly incentives like class or pizza parties! 

    We believe this program helps ensure an effective learning environment. Our teachers and staff are trained to implement the program. As a result, we have consistent implementation and integration throughout our school. We encourage you to join us as we focus on the positive behaviors and strengths of our students. Learn more at PBISaz.org.

    Bethune is a PBIS school! PBIS is a school-wide system to improve school climate, culture, and safety by ensuring that all students receive the support they need. It uses behavior data to make decisions about which supports are working for the whole school as well as for individual students and which supports are not working. It’s not about posters or prizes, not about rewards or extrinsic motivation, and not about discipline and consequences.

    Instead, students are:

    1. Taught the Expectations that align with the values of our school community,
    2. Acknowledged when they meet school expectations,
    3. Held accountable consistently, predictably and equitably when they do not meet school expectations. 

    We like to say – Bethune is a Positive Behavior School! We encourage you to share this philosophy and invite you to learn more and become involved in our approach.


    The expectations are taught as expected behaviors through explicit instruction, with opportunities for students to practice behavior and get feedback. Stepping in early can prevent more serious behavior problems. Each student is different, so schools need to give many kinds of behavior support.

    Bear Down
    Be Respectful
    Be Responsible
    Be Positive
    Be a Bethune Bear!