• Bullying Prevention

  • Preventing Intimidation & Bullying

    Across all of our schools in Phoenix #1, we aim to build a community where each person feels welcome. Many of our goals for each school include prioritizing student leadership, encouraging positive behavior, hosting inclusive activities, and building healthy social and emotional learning environments. Students are encouraged to identify and appreciate their own strengths, as well as those of their peers. This emphasis on respect for one another works to reduce instances of student harassment, intimidation, and bullying in our schools.

    We do not allow bullying on school grounds, school buses, bus stops, or any school-sponsored events.

    Bullying is defined as – when a student or group of students engage in acts of intimidation and/or harassment that:

    • Physically or emotionally harm a student;
    • Damage their personal property or place reasonable fear of harm or damage to property;
    • Is severe, persistent, and prevalent;
    • Includes real or perceived imbalance of power;
    • Violates the law.

    Harassment is intentional behavior by a student or group of students that is disturbing or threatening to another student or group of students. Harassment may be related to race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, national origin, language, socio-economic status, cognitive and physical abilities, cultural background size, or personal appearance. Intentional behaviors could include:

    • Stalking;
    • Hazing;
    • Social exclusion;
    • Name calling;
    • Unwanted physical contact;
    • Unwelcome verbal or written comments, photographs, or graphics.

    Intimidation is intentional behavior by a student or group of students that places another student or group of students in fear of harm of person or property.

    Cyberbullying is any act of bullying committed by use of electronic technology or electronic communication devices.

    At Phoenix #1, we are committed to adhering to state law regarding bullying and therefore have processes in place to address such situations where a member of a school’s community feels harassed, intimidated, or bullied.

    • We provide a confidential process that allows anyone to report an incident.
    • We require all Phoenix #1 employees report suspected harassment, intimidation, or bullying.
    • We require a formal and timely process for documentation and investigation of reported and suspected incidents.
    • We implement disciplinary procedures for students admitting to, or who are found guilty of, committing harassment, intimidation, or bullying.
    • We implement a procedure that provides consequences for submitting false reports of harassment, intimidation, or bullying.

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