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  • Welcome from Principal Lodato

    Emerson Principal Nick Lodato

    Dear Emerson Families,

    A Chinese proverb states “When the winds of change blow, some put up walls. Others build windmills.” At Emerson, we build windmills. We have a solid core of experienced educators returning to Emerson and we are welcoming new teachers to join us in pursuit of our vision to be an ‘A’ school. We are excited for this dynamic combination and know that together, blending experience with innovation, we are primed to provide excellent learning experiences. Further, we are committed to the best habits we have adopted in the past three years that have shown positive results for our students. To that end, we borrow from the wisdom of Bruce Lee: Fear not the person who knows 10,000 kicks, but rather the person who knows 1 kick and has practiced it 10,000 times.We will focus our energy. We will improve our practices. We will maintain our best habits and get really good at them. We will be the school our kids need us to be and we will do it as a community.

    This year we are excited to (re)open a preschool on the Emerson campus and expand the range of lives we touch and ages we teach.

    We present to you our teaching team:

    Pre-K – Ms. Danielle Millett
    KG – Ms. Amari Brown
    1st – Ms. Stephanie Fuentes
    2nd – Ms. Christine Goodwin and Ms. Carlee Schram
    3rd – Mr. Sean Conway
    4th – Ms. Marnee Burrus
    5th/6th – Ms. Laura Carranza and Daniela Hernandez
    7th/8th – Mr. Zein Sy and Ms. Misha Nair
    Music – Ms. Emily Flathers
    Autism – Ms. Jenn Maurer, Mr. Adam Lovelady, Mr. Kelly Adler, Ms. Tongtong Wu, Mr. Richard Nelson, Ms. Briana Gaitan, Mr. Marcos Santos
    Math Interventionists – Ms. GiHwa Hughes, K-4; and Mr. Ken Simonen (5-8)
    Reading Interventionist K-3 – Ms. Betty Ann Townsend
    EL Interventionist – Ms. Helena Tselos
    Master Teacher – Daniela Hernandez

    This year, we remain focused on the vision we collectively established in Summer 2019 to be an ‘A’ school within five years – not for the sake of the goal, but for the sake of what it would mean for our students’ realities by achieving it. Even amidst change, we can do this work. Let’s (continue to) Grow Together.

    Welcome to the 2022-23 school year! I am excited to begin another round with all of you.

    Emerson Upward,

    Nicholas Lodato