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  • Welcome from Principal Magana

    Principal Magana

    We are a proud team of educators who remain excited to share the school year with you. The school is named after Mrs. Maie Bartlett Heard. Maie was involved in the development of early Phoenix. Her love of books led her to jump on her horse and deliver library books to far-off ranch children and to work with fellow members of the Phoenix Women’s Club to build the city’s first library, the Carnegie, in 1908.

    Every day we all bring our best efforts to the school to help us become a community that is focused on learning. We do not want to just teach your child, we want to ensure that they learn. We are dedicated Leaders of Learning.

    The pages included in our school website will display some of our efforts that we put forth to help all of our involved community to

    • Be H.E.A.R.D.
    • Be Helpful
    • Be Extraordinary
    • Be A leader
    • Be Responsible
    • Be Determined

    We believe that empowering our involved community to Be H.E.A.R.D. is an effort that Mrs. Maie Bartlett Heard would be proud of.

    We welcome you to become part of our efforts. Please know that you are invited to visit or contact our school to schedule a tour of the campus. We look forward to meeting and learning how we can Be H.E.A.R.D. together.


    Ms. Zariffe Magana
    Principal, Heard School