• Parent Involvement

  • At Heard School, we believe that parent involvement is critical to student success. Therefore, we encourage parents to become involved in their child’s learning and visit the classroom or serve as a volunteer.

    Parent Education classes are offered at Heard to ensure that parents understand how to help their children succeed in school and plan for their future. We want to help equip parents with all the resources they need to support their child’s academic success.

    We encourage parents to attend parent-teacher conferences to monitor their child’s success and engage in enrichment or remedial activities to support their child’s learning.

    We also encourage parents to read with and to their children at home and serve as good role models for life-long learning.

    We believe we are all learners, and we work together to learn with our parents, our students and our staff!

    Be sure your child is in school every day. Attendance plays a major role when it comes to learning. Children in school every day, learn more and achieve at much higher rates. They are also happier because they understand the content when they don’t miss school days. Please do; however, follow the guidelines from the nurse’s office about when to keep sick children at home for their welfare and the health of all students.

    Let’s work together to drive student success. Your child deserves a great education, and together we can make that a reality!

Student Code of Conduct