• Why Choose Herrera Elementary School?

  • Herrera School for the Arts & Dual Language is a preschool through grade eight school that focuses on academic achievement with a special focus on fine arts and language. Students have the opportunity to engage in dance, drama, choral music, instrumental music, visual arts, and physical education.

    Silvestre S. Herrera School radiates a welcome feeling that respects the balance of creativity and academic performance. Students express and present their creative talents throughout the year.

    At Herrera, ALL students have the opportunity to express themselves daily through participation in one of several arts-focused core content areas: Dance, Drama, Choral Instrumentation, Instrumental Music, Visual Arts, and Physical Education. The arts allow students to express themselves and their understanding of the world in creative ways. The arts help students build connections that deepen learning in all other content areas.

    At Herrera, we also offer the opportunity to learn and strengthen second language abilities in two languages, English and Spanish. Herrera provides students in grades K-7th grade with the opportunity to participate in our 50/50 Dual Language program. This is an alternate learning path parents can choose for their students to participate. Students interact academically in both English and Spanish equally throughout the day in all content areas.

    More Reasons to Choose Herrera:

    • Great Academics
    • Performing and Fine Arts
    • Dual Language Program
    • A Safe, Happy Learning Environment
    • Highly Qualified Teachers
    • Free Full-day Kindergarten
    • Free After School Care for Students of Working Parents
    • Free Breakfast & Lunch

    For more information on each of our programs, please view the programs section of our website.

    How to Enroll