• After-School Enrichment Classes

  • Class Info

    • Classes begin the week of January 22 and end week of April 8, 2024.*
    • Class times are from 3:40-4:40.*
    • Register for Chess, ABSi Spanish, Theater, Yoga, Sewing and ASL directly with the vendor.
    • Sign up for Practice Club in the school office.

    *unless otherwise noted.


      • Monday: Chess Club with the Chess Emporium

        Chess Club teaches a fun and exciting introduction to the game of chess. Club begins by teaching students how to play the game, chess openings, tactics, and endgames. Students will practice what they learn each week in games with their friends. Studies by major corporations have shown that chess can help students improve their math and verbal skills, creative abilities, and critical thinking abilities. Chess provides helpful insights into mathematics, visualization, analysis, and writing skills. Grades K-8 welcome.  Room 415. Register | Chess Club Flyer

        Monday: Sewing School

        Sewing is a useful skill and creative outlet that lasts a lifetime! Students will learn the fundamentals of hand stitching and machine sewing with fun and practical projects each week. This class is for grades 4-8 and all skill levels are welcome. Located in the Art Room-303. Cost is $175 which includes all supplies. To register or learn more, email Heather.

        Monday: Practice Club

        4th-8th grade Band, Strings, and Choir students can sign up for practice club. Students can work on any music they are studying in class, work with other students, prepare for auditions, and receive assistance from Mr. Pozo. Room 202. Club is from 3:50-4:50 and is FREE. Please sign up in the front office.


      • Tuesday: Mindful Minis: Yoga and Mindfulness with Miss Emily

        Tuesday: Mindful Minis: Yoga and Mindfulness with Miss Emily
The Mindful Minis program is created to connect children with their body, breath and mind to benefit their
learning through gaining focus, clarity, stress relief and more!  This 10-week program will cover an assortment of yoga poses, mindful activities, breathing techniques and various games incorporating all the above.  Miss Emily is a Certified Yoga instructor and has been practicing for more than three decades. She has a Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is passionate about guiding students to becoming the best version of themselves.  Mindful Minis is open to 1st - 6th grade. Class will run at 5 students and will be capped at 12. Students will need to provide a yoga mat. Room 442.  For registration, questions, and payment Email Miss Emily | Mindful Minis: Yoga and Mindfulness Flyer

        Tuesday: VYT Playmakers Jr.

        In this creative class designed for young children, students will learn how to build their own show from the ground up! Starting with the creative process, students will use their imaginations to explore their interests and choose a playful theme as the basis for their story. Based on that theme, students will work together to create their own characters, explore the world of their story through dramatic play, and collaborate to create their own original piece. From enchanted forests to space adventures to animal safaris, our only limit is what we can IMAGINE.  All experience levels are welcome, and the class will culminate in a musical performance. Grades K-3 welcome. Tuesdays from 3:40 – 4:40. This class will be held on the stage.  Register | VYT Playmakers Jr. Flyer


      • Wednesday: Spanish Club with ABSi Spanish

        Time 1:40-2:40

        ABSí is an interactive Spanish program that teaches students basic vocabulary including numbers, colors, animals and more. Students learn common phrases through hands-on activities that involve art, music, and educational games. Students are divided into two groups, separated by grade and/or Spanish language proficiency level. Kindergarten through fifth graders welcome! Rooms 415 and 442.

        Register | View Flyer


      • Thursday: American Sign Language

        Has your student been interested in learning American Sign Language? Well, now’s their chance! 2nd-5th grade students will be introduced to ASL level one concepts, including greetings, vocabulary, and conversation. Classes are taught by Josh who is a Shaw father, Deaf, and has been teaching Deaf & hearing children for 12 years. 
        Class will be held in room 415. Email Josh to Register

      • *Children may not be excused from afterschool classes without prior written permission from parents