• After-School Enrichment Classes

      • Classes begin the week of September 13th and run through the week of November 29th unless otherwise noted.

        Class times are from 3:40-4:40 unless otherwise noted.

        Register for Chess, ABSi Spanish, Yoga, JumpBunch, Gadgets and Gizmos and Mad Science directly with the vendor.

        Sign up for Homework Help Club, Adolescent Study Habits, & Practice Club in the school office.


      • Monday: Chess Club with the Chess Emporium

        Great chess players are great thinkers. The strategy and understanding that children learn from chess allows them to have higher intellect, improved self-esteem, and concentration. Chess helps them to make better decisions in all aspects of their life & most importantly, children have fun while learning. Grades K-8 welcome. Class will be held in room 414. Register with Chess Emporium at chessemporium.com/clubs. See attached flyer.

        Monday: Practice Club

        4th-8th grade Band, Strings, and Choir students can sign up for practice club. Students can work on any music they are studying in class, work with other students, prepare for auditions, and receive assistance from Mr. Bonds. Please sign up in the front office. Class will be held in room 202. Club is from 3:50-4:50 and is FREE.

        Monday: Study Habits Group for the Adolescent with Ms. Faith (7th – 8th grade)

        The cost is $75.00 payable to Shaw Montessori. Class will be capped at 12 students in room 215 from 3:45-4:45. May use tax credit. Please sign up in the front office.


      • Tuesday: Sprouts (Intermediate) Spanish Class with ABSi Spanish, LLC

        The Sprouts class is designed for third through fifth-grade students. Participants in this group have a good Spanish vocabulary due to previous class enrollment- have experience with Spanish at home- or are proficient readers in the English language, and can learn to translate words easily. Children will listen to bilingual books, learn songs and chants, and do art activities to stay engaged! They will be encouraged to read and write in Spanish. Class size is limited. A book “Teach Them Spanish Grade 3” will have to be purchased. Visit www.absispanish.com/montessori-augustus-shaw to enroll. Class will be held in room 414. See attached flyer. Class begins September 14th and runs through December 7th; no class on October 5th and November 23rd due to school breaks.

        Tuesday: Homework Help Club with Ms. Church (1st -3rd grade)

        The cost is $75.00 payable to Shaw Montessori. Class will be held on room 427/428. 3:45-4:30. May use tax credit. Please sign up in the front office. See attached flyer.

        Tuesday: Mindful Minis: Yoga and Mindfulness with Miss Hayley

        The Mindful Minis program is created to connect children with their body, breath and mind to benefit their learning through gaining focus, clarity, stress relief and more! This 10-week program will cover an assortment of yoga poses, mindful activities, breathing techniques and various games incorporating all of the above. Miss Hayley is a Certified Yoga instructor and has been practicing for 5 years. She has a B.A. in Integrative Health & Nutrition and is passionate about guiding students to becoming the best version of themselves. Mindful Minis is open to K-3rd grade. Class will run at 4 students and will be capped at 12. Please contact Miss Hayley at movewithhayley@gmail.com with any questions.  Students will need to provide a yoga mat. Class will be held in room 415. See attached flyer for information and email: movewithhaley@gmail.com for registration and payment.

        Tuesday: Super Soccer Stars

        Super Soccer Stars is the premier nationwide youth soccer organization now offered to select Phoenix-area schools! The program, developed over the past 20 years, provides students with positive reinforcement while building soccer skills, self-confidence, and teamwork in a fun, non-competitive, and educational environment. Classes consist of a warm-up, stretching, individual skill building, and team skill-building. See attached flyer.

        Classes are held every Tuesday from 12:45-1:30 for preschool students

        Fall 2021 session dates: 9/7-12/14 (no class held 10/5, 11/23)

        Price: $195 or 4 equal payments of $50

        Register online at https://la.supersoccerstars.com/phxeastvalley/

        Contact Super Soccer Stars at 480-664-1187 or phxeastvalley@supersoccerstars.com with questions


      • Wednesday: JumpBunch Sports & Fitness for Kids

        Are you ready for sports, fitness, and fun! With over 70 different activities, JumpBunch is the only sports & fitness program that introduces children to a wide variety of activities, all while encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. All classes begin with warm-ups, then move on to the featured activity of the day, followed by a cool down and closing huddle. The age-appropriate curriculum guides each child through all phases of physical development such as eye/hand coordination, large and fine motor skills, muscle development, body balance, and agility. Children participate in a different activity each week which includes popular sports such as soccer, tee ball, volleyball, and tennis along with fun fitness activities such as parachute, agility training, yoga, and hopscotch. See attached flyer.

        Class held every Wednesday from 11:45-12:30 for preschool students

        Fall 2021 session dates: 9/8-12/15 (no class on 10/6, 11/24)

        Price: $195 or 4 equal payments of $50

        Register online at https://www.jumpbunch.com/phoenix-east-valley#schedule

        Please visit www.jumpbunch.com for additional information. Contact JumpBunch at 480-664-1187 or jkarlin@jumpbunch.com with questions

        Wednesday: Seedlings (Beginning) Spanish with ABSi Spanish, LLC/Time 1:45-2:45

        The Seedling class is designed for preschool-second grade students. This group will learn academic vocabulary (numbers, colors, animal names, etc.) and basic phrases (hola, adiós, me llamo, ¿cómo estás?) through thematic units. Children will listen to bilingual books, learn songs and chants, create art, and move around to stay engaged! Class size is limited. Class will be held in room 414. Visit www.absispanish.com/montessori-augustus-shaw to enroll and view the flyer. See attached flyer. Class begins September 15th and runs through December 8th; no class on October 6th and November 24th due to school breaks.


      • Thursday: Mad Science Elementary Program

        Mad Science programs spark imaginative learning when school is out! Let your child experience first-hand how much fun science can be. Mad Science class is packed with fascinating demonstrations and hands-on activities to let kids explore scientific concepts for themselves. Our curriculum correlates with AZ State Standards in Science and each class comes with an official Mad Science take-home project to keep the learning going after class. Grades K-5th. Class will be held in room 414. Register at Mad Science at http://NEPhoenix.MadScience.org and select After School Programs. See attached flyer.

        Thursday: Gadgets and Gizmos

        Teach your LEGO bricks cool new tricks in the LEGO Gizmos and Gadgets after-school club! Use the LEGO we provide along with some extra supplies like marbles, balloons, rubber bands, and more to make exciting projects that are guaranteed to do something cool. Projects will “sail”, “take off”, “fly”, “catapult”, and “race”! In every class, we will build a functioning model while we learn the STEM skills behind how they work and practice problem solving, teamwork, and communication.

        Leave your LEGO at home; we’ll supply everything you need. No take-home projects. A parent’s guide for at-home activities will be available to interested parents. Designed for grades K-5, though all ages welcome. $81.00 for 7 weeks. Class will be held in room 415. See attached flyer.

        Register at https://bonanzaed.com/register/

      • *Children may not be excused from afterschool classes without prior written permission from parents