• Orientation

  • Welcome to our orientation at Shaw Montessori. Our families find this information extremely helpful as they are preparing to enroll their children or begin school on our campus so we hope you will take time out to watch the orientation videos.

    It is divided into three key areas: 

    1. the primary years – ages three to six 
    2. the elementary years – ages six to twelve and 
    3. the middle school years – ages twelve to fourteen.

      Primary Years

      Elementary Years

      The videos below were produced by Montessori Guide

      As you will see, it provides detailed information regarding: collaborative learning, meetings and conferences, the hook, flowers, discovery, snakes and going out.

      Collaborative Learning

      The elementary age child is naturally drawn to working in a group and challenging herself.

      Meetings and Conferences

      A look at the Montessori teacher’s role in setting the tone, creating a culture of learning and supporting social-emotional development in the elementary classroom.

      The Hook

      The art of directing an elementary Montessori environment.


      A story of elementary exploration.


      Capturing ordinary days in a Montessori environment... Inspiring an elementary classroom culture of scientific inquiry.


      A story of elementary “Big Work.”


      A story of elementary group work.

      Going Out

      Preparing the elementary child for the future includes going beyond the classroom.


      Kay Baker, Ph.D. discusses Dr. Montessori’s work titled Psychogeometry.

      Elephant in the Room

      The Elephant in the Room: an introduction to the project.

      Middle School Years

      Coming Soon