• Arts



      • We believe the arts are an essential element of every child’s development.

        All of our students from kindergarten through grade eight receive regular classes in art, music, and physical education. Students in all of our schools can also opt for instrumental music classes such as band and string ensembles.

        The specialized academic departments are highly visible, not only within our school district but also in the community and even in state and national venues. Student artwork is on display in numerous exhibitions throughout the school year. Band and choir students perform in many high-profile events as do dance and drama students.

        Our dedicated teachers adhere to state standards but often go far beyond those requirements to ensure the very best possible experience for all students. Our teachers are knowledgeable in current trends, theories, and best practices in their fields.

        We are serious about the arts because numerous studies show that when the arts are an integral part of the curriculum, children excel in other academic disciplines at much higher levels than children who do not have those opportunities. We are in the business of educating the whole child.