• Phoenix #1 Family Center

  • In partnership with schools, families, and community members, Phoenix Elementary School District is committed to meeting the academic, social, and emotional needs of all students through equitable, effective programming, as well as resources, and support. Phoenix #1 inspires every child to achieve their full potential!

    The Phoenix #1 Family Center is a collaborative, inclusive space where families can share their talents and ideas, receive support, make social connections, and participate in educational opportunities.

    Please come visit us for…

    • Hands-on family workshops
    • Adult education classes
    • Family socials/events
    • Community resources and referrals
    • Computer and internet access
  • The Phoenix #1 Family Center at Kenilworth is Open!

    We are open, our entrance is on the north side of the school, facing Culver street. We are downstairs, please follow the Family Center signs.



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