• Indian Education

  • Welcome to Indian Education

    Phoenix #1 is the recipient of both Title VI and Johnson-O'Malley grant funds to ensure the educational and cultural needs of our students with tribal heritage are met. If your child, you or your child’s grandparents have tribal affiliation, please contact the Special Populations Coordinator at (602) 523-8988 for more information on enrollment in Indian Education programming at Phoenix #1. Any questions regarding eligibility can be answered by the coordinator.

    Each month caregivers, teachers and district staff are invited to attend a short meeting to discuss current program activities and upcoming events. This parent group is also the leadership voice in determining how grant funds will be used.

    The highlight of our Indian Education program is our annual summer enrichment program. Students gather for fellowship, fun and community building while learning more about their tribes and the tribes of their classmates.

    We honor and embrace our Native American students and families at Phoenix #1, and strive to meet the unique needs of our Native American students and families to ensure their educational opportunities are second to none.

  • Monthly Activities

    Each month the Indian Education Committee holds a gathering with activities, or meeting for adults to conduct program related business. To celebrate another successful year, we held a game night in May where fun was had by parents and students!

    Meetings will resume in August and we would love to have you join us!

    If your family has tribal heritage and you would like to become part of the fun, please reach out to our facilitator Sara Sims.

Parent Advisement Committee