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    We believe all students will succeed – no exceptions!

    Student attendance and family engagement are key factors in a child’s success at school.

    That is why it is very important for you to take the time to review this handbook that can help us work together to ensure each and every student in our district is successful.

    There are many ways that you can work as a team with your child’s teacher and school to ensure they receive a great education. Here are a few to highlight:

    1. Engage in your child’s learning, classroom, and school. When the school has a back-to-school night, parent conferences, family nights, or parent education classes, attend and share with your child how important these events are as part of their education. Be sure you know your child’s teacher very well, the principal, the office staff, and all those who support your child’s learning.
    2. Emphasize to your child how important school is and how important it is for their future and life-long opportunities. Talk with your child about goals for school, college, and career. Help them understand that what they learn today and how much they engage in school will positively impact them for the rest of their lives.
    3. Support the expectations your child’s teacher and principal have for learning. Support the teachers and principal as they provide structure and discipline for a safe and healthy learning environment. Help your child understand the importance of paying attention, showing respect to all students and staff, and working to be part of a healthy, safe and happy learning environment.
    4. Set aside a time of day and place in your home for your child to read and complete homework assignments. Learning can take place throughout the day as we are shopping, cooking, cleaning, or with just about any activity, so make it fun and enjoyable. Set firm expectations that homework will be done.
    5. Be sure your child is in school every day. Attendance plays a major role when it comes to learning. Children in school every day, learn more and achieve at much higher rates. They are also happier because they understand the content when they don’t miss school days. Please do; however, follow the guidelines from the nurse’s office about when to keep sick children at home for their welfare and the health of all students.

    Let’s work together to drive student success. Your child deserves a great education, and together we can make that a reality!

Handbook for Student Success

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