• Grammy-Winner Curt Chambers Performs for Phoenix #1 Students

    Monday, October 30, 2023

    Lead Guitar

    Students of Laura Meador’s instrumental music and guitar classes were treated to a special concert by Grammy-winning musician Curt Chambers, made possible through a partnership with Arizona-based nonprofit Lead Guitar. The students gasped as Lead Guitar’s Executive Director Brad Richter named all of the artists that their special guest had worked with. 

    Mr. Chambers’ Music Industry Experience

    Chambers, a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer is known for his work with Alicia Keys, Dr. Dre, Lenny Kravitz, Eminem, Travis Barker, Rihanna, Mac Miller, Tyler Rich, Jay-Z, Dustin Lynch, Florida Georgia Line and others, in addition to his work as a solo artist. He has gained notoriety for his blending of rock, soul, country music and hip-hop.

    Kenilworth and Dunbar music students interacted with Chambers as he asked them about their hobbies and favorite types of music. 

    Students clapped and sang along as he played songs from Tom Petty, Queen, Eminem, Black Eyes Peas, Eric Clapton, Lenny Kravitz and more.

    Between songs, Chambers answered questions from students about the instruments he plays, his beginning in music and his favorite artists. 

    Mr. Chambers’ Original Music

    He closed the concert by playing an original song called “Say My Name,” which is a tribute to his mother. 

    “When I was a kid, initially when you heard my name, it was associated with me just being a bad kid,” Chambers said during the concert at Kenilworth Elementary. “One day I said I want to start doing the right thing and change the way my mom said my name. This is dedicated to anyone who may be bad and wants to switch things around.”

    Answering Students' Questions

    After the concert, Chambers had a question and answer session with select students from Ms. Meador’s classes. 

    On Reaching Goals

    One student asked Chambers for advice on reaching their goals. 

    “Having a dream and equipping yourself with the resources and knowledge to reach them,” Chambers responded. “What you put your time into is what you want to be good at…Breath alone is a gift and being alive means you have something to give.” 

    His Musical Influences

    Another student asked about Chambers' musical influences and favorite artists to work with. Chambers listed Prince, LL Cool J, Radiohead, and Earth, Wind & Fire. When many of the students seemed not to recognize those artists, Chambers joked that he needed to get them a new playlist to try. 

    Thank You!

    “Thank you to Lead Guitar and Curt for coming to visit us,” Meador said. “This is really a gift for us and we'll get them a listening list!”

    Kenilworth, Edison and Dunbar are all Lead Guitar partner schools.


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