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  • Published: Wednesday, February 14, 2024

    Author, TV personality and physician Dr. Mehmet Oz visited Kenilworth students on Monday, February 12th to promote student health and wellness. The visit was part of a new partnership between the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) and the non-profit organization HealthCorps.

    Dr. Oz, former NFL players and ADE staff toured Kenilworth and spent time with students on the field. Students lined up to receive autographs on photos, scraps of paper, shoes, and other items.

  • Photos by Ian La Rue

    Student Health and Wellness

    Nick Lowery was a kicker for the New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, and New York Jets, with a career spanning 18 years.

    Lowery told the students that as a kicker, he would often do his job, "with 200 million people watching, and you gotta control your mind and your body to get it done under pressure. All of us have pressures. Just remember you are a beautiful soul, and staying healthy in your body will translate to everything in your life." He encouraged the students to "focus, control and attack life."
    Darryl Clack, who played for the Dallas Cowboys and the Arizona State Sun Devils, told the students to take good care of their bodies by eating well and exercising. "When you feel good by doing that, that's when you feel good, your mind works good, your body's feelin' good, you have a lot of energy, and you can do a whole lot of things when you have a lot of energy, correct?"

    Then he led the students in jumping-jacks. "We're gonna do 10 jumping-jacks," Clack said. He began what he did not know was a negotiation, as the students talked him up to 15, and then 20 before they all jumped-the-jacks together.

    Wesley Leasy, former Arizona Cardinals linebacker, talked to the students about his own struggles in school, and being labeled a "bad student" when really, he was in need of glasses, but didn't even realize there was anything wrong with his eyesight. "I thought that's how everybody saw," he recalled. He encouraged the students to speak up and reach out to their teachers and parents if they're struggling in school, because they're here to help, and may be able to identify unknown issues and help to overcome them. He then led the students in a round of 10 "high-knees".

    Phoenix #1 appreciates the support of the athletes, HealthCorps, and ADE, in encouraging healthy habits and academic success.