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Increased Salaries for 2023-2024

Increased Salaries for 2023-2024

Phoenix Elementary School District Governing Board approved a new master salary schedule, which includes increased salaries for all employees and new hires. Teachers who sign with Phoenix #1 will receive a $5,000 bonus, and $1,000 to attend new teacher orientation. Bonuses will be paid at the end of first and second semesters for those who remain with the district. Below are new salaries for some district positions:

  • Beginning Teacher: $50,056 ($56,056 with all bonuses)
  • Beginning Teacher w/Master’s Degree: $58,127 ($64,127 with all bonuses)
  • Nationally Board Certified Teacher: $61,217 ($67,212 with all bonuses)
  • Nurse: $19.30/hr.
  • Cafeteria Manager: $19.30/hr.
  • Instructional Assistant: $16.66/hr.
  • Instructional Assistant/Special Ed: $17.27/hr
  • Extended Learning Team Leader (PEER Lead): $19.30/hr.
  • Extended Learning Assistant (PEER): $16.08/hr.


Phoenix Elementary is the only district in Maricopa County that offers employees a 100% employee paid PPO medical and PPO dental insurance option.

Our insurance rates did not increase for employees who remain with the district.

We offer a voluntary short-term disability and leave bank program that provides staff the opportunity for paid maternity/paternity leave.

Now Hiring!

Phoenix #1 is now hiring …come join the team! For more information on employment, visit or call our Human Resources Department at (602) 257-3752.