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Preventing Bullying, Harassment or Intimidation

The schools in our district aim to build a community where each person feels welcome. Many of our goals for each school include prioritizing student leadership, encouraging positive behavior, and hosting inclusive activities. Students are encouraged to identify and appreciate their own strengths, as well as those of their peers. This emphasis on respect and camaraderie works to reduce instances of student harassment, intimidation and bullying in our schools.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of bullying on school grounds, school buses and bus stops, and school-sponsored events.

We have Governing Board Policy JICK and processes in place to address situations where a member of school’s community feels bullied, harassed, or intimidated.

  • We provide a confidential process that allows students to report any incident.
  • We provide a procedure for parents or guardians to submit written reports.
  • We require that Phoenix #1 employees report suspected harassment, intimidation or bullying.
  • We provide annual education to staff, students and the school community regarding harassment, intimidation and bullying, including how to report incidents to staff,
  • We provide a formal process for the documentation and investigation of reported and suspected incidents.
  • We implement disciplinary procedures for students admitting to, or who are found guilty of, committing harassment, intimidation or bullying.
  • We implement a procedure that provides consequences for submitting false reports of harassment, intimidation or bullying.
  • We provide social emotional support to individuals involved in harassment, intimidation or bullying.

Bullying Definition

Bullying may occur when a student or group of students engages in any form of behavior that includes such acts as intimidation and/or harassment that

  1. Has the effect of physically or emotionally harming a student, damaging a student’s property, or placing a student in reasonable fear of harm or damage to property,
  2. Is sufficiently severe, persistent, repeated or pervasive that the action, behavior, or threat creates an intimidating, threatening, or abusive environment in the form of physical or emotional harm,
  3. Occurs when there is a real or perceived imbalance of power or strength, or
  4. May constitute a violation of law.

Student Rights and Services

When a bullying, harassment, intimidation report is submitted, and in accordance with Arizona Revised Statute (AS) 153-341.36, the following rights, protections and services are available:

  • The Code of Conduct contains information to report and seek resolution related to the bullying report.
  • Arizona Revised Statute 153-341.36 provides guidance to Arizona schools related to reporting and resolving bullying incidents.


Additional information on the items listed below is available from the school principal or discipline team:

  • Threat Assessment in accordance with District procedures
  • Potential disciplinary consequences for offenders
  • Health Center referrals, when necessary
  • Individual Safety Plans
  • Other protections on a case-by-case basis


Additional information on the items listed below is available from the school principal or discipline team:

  • Prevention counseling services
  • Small group counseling sessions
  • Intervention strategies
  • Peer Mediation
  • Other services according to individual circumstances

Hazing Definition

Hazing is when a group subjects a new member to an initiation ritual that includes abusive and humiliating treatment. This behavior is strictly forbidden at all Phoenix #1 schools. All school clubs, athletics teams, and other groups are prohibited from performing these initiations, even if the conduct does not occur on school grounds.

If you are concerned that your child is facing any form of hazing, harassment, intimidation or bullying, please communicate with the leaders and staff at your school. Any Phoenix #1 employee will help direct you to the right channels for reporting the incident and preventing future harm.